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5 beams package including USB charger cord and metal base tripods for each flare and carrying case. A Road Commander 5 pack pays for itself after only 10 hours of investigation using Orion Road flares. Most importantly, the Road Commander will save lives and prevent secondary crashes by warning drivers  to move over well in advance  of existing crash scenes.

• It is visible  up to 1 mile;

• It is waterproof, durable,military grade, high impact casing;

• Can be used in chemical or flammable spills environments;

• USB rechargeable  with back-up solar panel;

• Continuosly flashing  for over 24 hours for linger recoveries and crash investigations;

• Single colo mode settings: Red, Amber, green, blue, and white;

• Dual color settings: Amber/Blue, amber/white, amber/green, and red/blue.

• Road Commander casing base is magnetic and can be attached to vehicle or other metal surfaces;

• Can be place on road or magnetic tripod which adds 12" of height  above ground level;

• Tripod legs can fit inside the hole on top of a cone, and flare can then be set on magnetic base;

• Nite Beams Road Commander will be  a huge money savings over single use Orion road flares,are not flammable, and provide  the highest visibility  of any road flare in the market.


USB charger sold separated. 

Nite Beams Road Commander LED Strobe Lights

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